Blue & Gray is looking for Hoyas who are excited and passionate about serving the University and investing in its future by leading campus tours.

Thank you for your interest in Blue & Gray!

Our application for the Fall 2021 cycle is now closed.

We look forward to recruiting a fantastic new class of guides in the Spring of 2022.

Recruitment Non-Bias Policy


Blue & Gray maintains a name-blind application policy, which requires that all names from the written application be removed by the Director of Recruitment before responses are shared with application readers. If an application reader believes he/she recognizes an applicant based on the applicant’s responses, the reader is obligated not to evaluate the application.


Written applications are evaluated on a system of numerical rating from 1-10, by which applicants with the highest average scores are invited to interview. The Director of Recruitment is responsible for analyzing written application ratings to ensure consistency and fairness in evaluation across application readers and addressing any inconsistencies.


Board members are obligated and trained to remain as objective as possible when evaluating applications and interviews. Board members are required to step out of interviews when they believe their relationship with an applicant could compromise objectivity. To the maximum possible extent, board members are obligated not to interview applicants they know or have previously interviewed.


Blue & Gray does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, disability, or national identity.